On October 10, 2017, after over two years of extensive refurbishing, Puffin was finally relaunched. This marked the first time the yacht had touched water in a decade. Johanna and Matt Nally–the widow and son of Puffin‘s original skipper, John F. Nally–made the long drive from upstate New York to take part in this special day. Around the time of the midday high tide, they joined Istvan as he and Seawanhaka Boatyard workers made final preparations. At approximately 1:45pm, Puffin was officially afloat once again. Matt Nally hopped aboard to help Istvan make some adjustments to the rigging. Team Manager Ian Gumprecht was on hand to help with Puffin‘s docking, while Webmaster Robert Farrelly took photos and video. Seawanhaka’s chaplain, Father Jesse, presided over a special blessing to mark the occasion. Afterwards Ian led everyone in a champagne toast. Johanna and Matt Nally also surprised Istvan by presenting him with the Crucifix that John Nally always kept aboard Puffin–which Istvan promptly affixed to its original location inside the cabin.

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Final prep before moving Puffin

Istvan Kopar and the Seawanhaka Boatyard workers make final preparations before moving Puffin


Moving Puffin to the boat ramp

Puffin‘s trip across the boatyard begins


Puffin approaches the boat ramp

Puffin approaches the boat ramp


Puffin officially launched

Puffin is officially launched at 1:45pm


Johanna and Matt Nally watch Puffin launch

Johanna and Matt Nally look on as Puffin is launched for the first time in a decade


Istvan and Matt Nally on Puffin's bow

Istvan on the bow of Puffin with Matt Nally. Matt and his late father, John, bought Puffin in England in 1986 and sailed her across the Atlantic together to her new home in the U.S.A.


Johanna Nally with Puffin

Mrs. Nally is happy to see Puffin‘s second life in honor of her late husband John, Puffin’s original owner.


Puffin towed to service dock

Puffin is towed to the service dock


Puffin at the service dock

Puffin at the service dock


Ian and Istvan with Nally family members

Team Manager Ian and Istvan discuss Puffin‘s history with her original owners, Johanna Nally and her son Matt Nally. Matt Nally and his late father John sailed Puffin across the Atlantic after purchasing her in England in 1986.


Istvan securing Crucifix

Istvan carefully secures John Nally’s Crucifix in the same location where Puffin‘s previous owner kept it.


Puffin, What a good looking Lady

What a good-looking Lady!


Toasting Puffin's Launch

Toasting Puffin‘s launch together


First sail on Puffin

Photo from Istvan’s very first sail on Puffin


Johanna, Puffin, and Istvan

Istvan with Johanna Nally, whose late husband John was Puffin‘s original owner.


Ian, Robert, and Istvan

Ian (Team Manager), Robert (Webmaster), and Istvan pose together on Puffin‘s deck.


Johanna's card to Istvan

Card Johanna Nally sent to Istvan after Puffin‘s launch


Father Jesse's Ship Blessing

Text from Father Jesse’s blessing over Puffin