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American Istvan Kopar is one of only 30 elite sailors in the world who have been selected to participate in the 2018 Golden Globe Race, touted as “The Ultimate Circumnavigation Race.” It will be the most brutal sailboat race of our time, surpassing even the legendary Vendée Globe, and is certain to capture the attention and fascination of followers all over the world. The competitors will each be sailing alone nonstop around the globe, rounding the 5 Southernmost Capes. They will face unparalleled hardships, with no modern technology or outside assistance allowed. It will be a competition testing true seamanship and human endurance among the elements.

The race will mark the 50th anniversary of the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in 1968—the world’s first solo, nonstop circumnavigation race—in which only 1 sailor finished of the 9 competitors. In recognition of this golden anniversary, the race will be a unique challenge allowing only the technology of 1968. Accordingly, the sailors cannot use modern GPS, autopilot, water makers, or any high-tech equipment available today in all other offshore events—not even a digital watch. The sailboats must be in the range of 32-36,’ with a full keel, and must be mass productions. The race will be the longest competition in sporting history (9-10 months long), and it is certain to be one of the most challenging and exciting sailing races ever!

Istvan has been a professional sailor and USCG-licensed captain for decades, and has logged over 60,000 nautical miles of solo sailing, including a one-stop, record-breaking solo circumnavigation with his 31’ sloop, Salammbo, in 1990-91. He skippered the winning yacht (Mol-Hungaria 1100, a Tripp 55’) in the Hong Kong Challenge Around the World Yacht Race, 1996-97.

In 2015, he purchased a 30-year-old Tradewind 35,’ Puffin, which met the GGR’s requirements. He is currently refitting the boat for this ultimate ocean marathon. Istvan completely stripped the inside and outside of the boat, including the hull’s gelcoat, and is now rebuilding it. Sea Hawk Paints has sponsored the hull reinforcement and bottom job, and Alexseal Yacht Coatings the complete paint job. Harken will be sponsoring the next stage of the outfit with deck and certain rigging hardware. All of the completed prep work and related info has been posted on Istvan’s social media and websites.

Istvan is looking for additional sponsors for the necessary mast, sails, safety equipment, personal apparel, provisioning, and financial support. Appropriate provisioning will be vital in order to win this race. In spite of the Golden Globe’s unique restrictions, it will be tracked and broadcasted by modern technology for publicity. Sponsors will be highlighted during real-time documentation of the race with scheduled regularity. Certain products and services (marine, communication, safety gear, food, vitamins, supplements, clothing, etc.) could be tested and advertised in the most convincing way among the elements in this long, highly visible race.

Join Team Kopar Sailing, and let’s win this race together!

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