This was a hot, humid, and very dusty weekend working on Puffin… It may not look like much in the photos, but it was hard work in the heat under the shrink-wrapped boat. It felt like a sauna to begin with, and on top of that my friend and I were dressed up in painting suits and masks the whole time we worked!
We ground off the gelcoat on the deck, especially all the spots where the deck hardware puts a heavy load on the deck. We prepared the foundation for the G 10 (1/4”-thick fiberglass reinforced plates) topping plates that we will put under those fittings (the chain plates, windlass, and cleats). We also worked on the cockpit layout change, reducing the overall size of the cockpit so that there will be less capacity for flooding water when waves overtake the boat from behind. We are accomplishing this by moving the propane tank storage there and relocating the traveler bar in front of the dodger.

Puffin Deck Work 1

Puffin Deck Work 2

Puffin Deck Work 3

Puffin Deck Work 4

Puffin Deck Work 5

Puffin Deck Work 6

Puffin Deck Work 7